Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday Seven - 48th Edition

Seven Blessings, Enjoyments, Privileges, and Treasures I have enjoyed this past week:

1. I used this SS header this week because DH and I spent a great deal of time perusing possible cruises for this late Summer. We pored over the brochures, talked to our travel agent, and had several good possibilities. Today we came to the conclusion that all the possibilities are just out of reach financially right now. Disappointed? You bet! However, we had some enjoyable hours thinking about it, remembering cruises of the past, and anticipating future ventures. We also enjoyed catching up with news of our old hometown as we talked with our travel agent, who still lives there. So, Number 1 on my list this week is a sad face with a twinkle in its eye (or a happy face with a wistful expression in the eyes.)

2. Here is a pic of the itinerary of the cruise we were most interested in. We have never been to Alaska, or even to the west coast at all; so this a a tour we'd love to do.

3. On Monday, I got to spend time with my mother and all six of my siblings as we supported each other in our grief over the death of our cousin, Don Baird. Don was more a brother than a cousin; and I thank God for the blessing of his life. He was a loving relative and a positive contributor to our world. He will be greatly missed. You can read what has been written about Don recently here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

4. Last Sunday was the 14th birthday of a very special young man in my life. He had a happy birthday. Here is a pic of him from several years ago - I think it shows his personality as he poses with his sisters. Of course he is no longer that little boy and is, instead, a tough and cool TEENAGER now!

5. My oldest younger brother, Terrell, has posted on his blog recently some absolutely breath-taking photos of the beauty of nature in our little corner of the world. He is a sensitive, nature-appreciating photographer and teacher whose commentary about his pictures lends another dimension to the already impressive photos. While you are there, scroll on down to see many other beautiful pictures in his recent posts.

6. Our daughter (a teacher) and her children were on Spring Break this past week and chose to spend part of the week with us! We had such a good time. The children discovered the joy of climbing trees as they enjoyed the out-of-doors here.

7. I have found time to read blogs and write a little this week.


Norma said...

I hope you can get to Alaska soon. When we were on our cruise we met many retirees working in the lodges and state parks having a blast. That's one way to swing it.

Jane said...

I hope you get to do the Alaska cruise soon too. That is a dream of mine as well.
I so hated missing Don's service. I had hope that whatever I had would be gone but it wasn't. He was, indeed, a wonderful man and my life is richer for having known him.

Carol said...

Alaska is wonderful. I'd go back every year if I could.