Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Disparate Housewives #5 - Cleaning the Frig

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After years of growing unintentional "science projects" in the back of the frig, I finally hit upon a system to keep control of those leftovers and open containers. Every week, on the night before garbage pickup, when I empty all the small waste cans into a bag to take to the curb, I spend an additional 5 minutes and go through the refrigerator. I throw away any leftovers, expired foods, and containers that have been open too long, wipe the empty and visible surfaces in the refrigerator with a clorox wipe, close up the garbage bag and take it out. Doing this weekly cleanout is virtually effortless and keeps the refrigerator current and leaves shelves available for fresh food.


Norma said...

I do the throw aways usually on shopping day--the wipe downs, well, that's not so often.

Carol said...

Great idea. Trash pickup is Wednesday morning. Too late for this week. Guess I'll have to wait till next week to start. LOL!