Monday, July 09, 2007

Disparate Housewives #1

Another new feature of Daddy's Roses debuts today. Disparate Housewives, a series of tips for simplified housekeeping or home-making, will also be a "sometimes" feature appearing randomly as I think about it or get around to it.

The word "disparate" might not be a commonly understood adjective. It means "completely distinct or different in kind. Entirely dissimilar." I hope its use here will catch attention because of its similarity to the title of a popular TV show; but I chose the word "disparate" also because it helps convey the meaning that these house-keeping tips will be perhaps different from standard ones. I believe that housekeeping should not be the primary job of home-makers; therefore, I offer tips to simplify and speed up housekeeping chores so that the home-maker has time to make his/her house a true home. This "housewife" (who is disparate from the traditional model) becomes instead a "home-maker."

That said, here is Disparate Housewives Tip #1:

When a pair of socks is ready for the trashcan due to a hole in the heel or unremoveable stains, put them with your cleaning supplies. When you are ready to dust and polish furniture, grab the pair of old socks and put one on each hand. Spray one with furniture polish and leave the other one clean. As you walk through a room, use whichever hand is appropriate for the surface to be dusted. Polish the wood surfaces with the hand covered with the wet sock, and dust the metal or glass surfaces with the clean sock. When the furniture is acceptable, remove the socks and throw them away. It is much easier to polish curved or carved surfaces and in small spaces with your hand than with a cloth or duster.

1 comment:

Norma said...

Since you're using the plural, are you going to let others join in?

One thing I have to do: cut the heel out of the sock, otherwise I confuse it with ones that haven't been retired yet.

Neat tip.