Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Oxymorons are of interest to people like me who enjoy any unusual word usages. An oxymoron is generally defined as a term or expression that is composed of two usually contradictory words. There are some which are used unintentionally. For example:

1. That is a pretty ugly dog!
2. We'd like some time to be alone together.
3. Try to act natural!
4. Those sure are tight slacks.
5. We had a small crowd at the meeting last night.
6. We're terribly pleased that you're here.
7. Let's just use the plastic glasses.
8. The blood test proved him to be legally drunk.
9. That girl is a real phony!
10.Her solo was perfectly awful.
11. Let's use the paper tablecloth today.
12. Get me the mild hot sauce.
13. He was clearly confused.
14. I ate the whole piece of pie.
15. She went about her unusual routine quietly.

Some have been designed to catch attention, to express an opinion, or to convey humor. (For this reason, writers often use oxymorons as book titles.) For example:

16. Silent Scream
17. Microsoft works
18. Sweet sorrow
19. Foolish genius
20. French bravery
21. Military intelligence
22. Business ethics
23. Definite maybe
24. Rap music
25. Sounds of silence
26. New York culture
27. Living Dead
28. Icy hot
29. Small fortune
30. Organized chaos

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