Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Seven 23rd Edition

I am going to be late on my Sunday Seven this week; but I hope to get one posted before the day is over. So come on back later and keep me accountable!

Many hours later:
Some important events from this week:
1. All six of our grandchildren went to church with us today -- and DH was preaching, filling in for our pastor who is on vacation!!
2. Our daughter and her husband were here for part of the weekend with their three children. Our son's children were with us because our son is working on his doctorate and this was one of his class weekends and his wife had to be away all day with her father who is in the hospital.
3. Some of our grandchildren's other granddaddy (our daughter-in-law's father) suffered chest pains while golfing Friday and had to be hospitalized. They still are not sure whether or not he had a heart attack. He will be having a heart catheratization tomorrow. Our beautiful DIL has been running back and forth the two-hour drive to the hospital and their children have been able to spend some time with us. I ask your prayers for our co-grandparent and their entire family.
4. Our house continues empty and on the market and unselling. I would appreciate prayers for wisdom in how to deal with this situation. We have to sell that house at a decent price. I am renewing insurance on it tomorrow - expensive coverage on an unoccupied dwelling, and our contract with the realtor ends in a couple of weeks, too.
5. I have not been following through on my exercise and health goals this week -- I have exercised little if any and have not been eating healthily either. I intend to start again in the morning and work for better self-control.
6. Our daughter and her husband put down "earnest money" on property in our town Friday. If everything goes as planned, they hope to build a house on the property and move here withing the next two years!
7. We have been having daily light rains! This is a real blessing, since we are in a very severe drought here in the SE U.S. There hasn't been much rain, but we have brief, light showers almost every day for the last week or so. We are thankful for it and are still praying for a good long set-in soaking. (We don't want the floods that the mid-west and south-west have been dealing with however!!)

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