Friday, April 11, 2008

The Biggest Little Word #2

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In the first edition of The Biggest Little Word, the question seemed to have a universal answer. THE BEACH!

The question was: If you could physically transport yourself to any place in the world at this moment, where would you go?

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Amanda added her response: "I'll be on the next private island over and we can stand there and wave at each other! Just behave -- because I'll be able to see you!"
Carol had this to say: "At THIS moment, I would transport myself to Mother's house so I wouldn't have to make the trip (by car or plane) tomorrow. But, in general, I would be on a private island -- but it wouldn't be visible from Joan's or Amanda's islands. And the sun would be shining, but it wouldn't be too hot - just warm enough to feel wonderful."

Okay then, Amanda, I am trying to behave! Pass me that sunscreen over here, will you? And, Hey! watch out! Carol is heading over this way with a cup of ice water in her hand and mischief in her eye! You might be "chillin'" before you know it!

Now, on to the new IF:

If you could suddenly possess an extraordinary talent in one of the arts, what would you like for it to be?

My response: "I would find fulfillment and satisfaction in being a great writer. My compositions would range from poetry and song to mystery novels. My songs would be recorded and sung around the world, and the protagonist in my series of novels would be discussed around dinner tables as widely as Sam Spade, Harry Potter, Stephanie Plum, Atticus Finch, or Tom Sawyer.
My advice on how to wring the most possible fulfillment from life would be published in a best-seller and would be discussed on Oprah and all the other big talk shows. Because of my facility with language and my lucid explications of them, great philosophies of the past would be more-widely understood than ever before, resulting in greater understanding and communication in society."

What extraordinary talent will you possess?

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Lyn said...

If I could possess an extraordinary talent it would be in music - singing and/or playing the piano. I find great comfort in music.