Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Disparate Housewives #3 - Remedy for a Scratch

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The most disparate of us "old-timey" housewives have many tricks up our sleeves (crowded there among the tissues and under the safety pins.)

Today's trick is one I have known about for a long time, but never actually used until recently. When we moved into our house back in June of 2006, our hardwood floors sustained some mild damage - a scratch here and there. I attempted to buff the marks out. I used hardwood floor polish and furniture polish. There was no visible improvement.

One day last month I suddenly remembered reading this tip, took about one minute and used it, and my floors look great. The largest scratch is barely visible if one takes the time to lean, get the light reflecting on the spot just right, and concentrates on seeing the former scratch. However, for all practical purposes, the scratches are healed.

Just before Christmas I was visiting my mother (Ruthlace) when she mentioned having a large water circle on her piano bench which had been used as a plant stand. I removed the lovely cloth she had covering the 8"diameter water spot, used the magic potion, and voila! The spot is barely visible.

Okay, here is the magic solution:

Massage a nut meat into the spot or scratch. That's it! I took about 3 slices from a bag of sliced almonds, sat on the floor and rubbed the cut edges into the scratches on the floor at home. At Mother's house, I used a whole raw almond and a pecan half to massage the white circle on the piano bench.


Carol said...

I can vouch for it. I saw the piano bench after you worked your magic, and it looked great.

Norma said...

That's great. I no longer have any exposed hardwood floors, but who knows. . . I may end up with a white mark on a piece of furniture. I'll check out that site.