Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Seven - My 34th (I think)

Excuses - they are so convenient and better than a massage at relieving tension.

I will not offer an excuse for my lapse in Sunday Sevening. I am going to simply pick up the thread and continue from here to weave a more consistent pattern. Below are 7 general evaluations of my life in 2007 followed by 7 changes I propose to make for 2008.

1. I had many opportunities to spend time with those I love most. I generally made the most of those opportunities - relaxed and (for the most part) did not let the small problems or inconveniences dim the lights.

2. I missed a few opportunities to have meaningful conversations with the important people in my life. These missed opportunities were mostly because of my energy limitations.

3. I was inconsistent in achieving my long-term wellness goals. I walked only intermittently; I read the Bible only intermittently; I read only 5 or 6 books of lasting value whereas I read well over 100 mystery novels; I made wise food choices slightly more than half of the time.

4. I was generally successful in my attitudinal goals. I found myself able, most of the time, to refocus my attention on important issues when minor ones tried to claim the limelight. I believe I was able to help my grandchildren do the same on several occasions. At least I made them aware of the benefit of doing so.

5. I taught successfully for 12 weeks in 2007. I was unsure whether I had the physical and emotional stamina to complete that commitment, but I was able to help my 86 students get their school year off to a successful start. I also believe that the problem-solving thought-processes I worked on with some students will help them continue to make good choices in their lives.

6. I have identified some areas of my life that need improvement.

7. I have clarified somewhat in my own mind what legacies I want to leave behind in this world when I leave for the next.

As night follows day --- the proposed changes/improvements:

1. I will make time to write at least 5 times a week. The process of writing this blog helps me clarify priorities and goals. I need that for good mental and emotional health.

2. I will find and reactivate my pedometer and will walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Alternately, I will walk around our 1-mile block at least 5 times a week.

3. I will make myself more available as a sounding-board for any family member who needs one. I have a tendency to get terribly impatient with very long phone conversations.

4. I will find opportunities to help each of my grandchildren see that the values portrayed around them are not life-affirming ones for them to adopt. I particularly want them to realize the negative effects of materialism and overconcern about "appearances."

5. I will remind myself each morning that the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. The main thing, by the way, is to live my numbered days in such a way (1)that others will be better and happier for my passing their way and (2) I will have fulfilled God's intentions for my life, used my abilities to best advantage, and loved God with my whole heart.

6. I will be more consistent in achieving my wellness goals (see #3 above.)

7. I will be more consistent in achieving my attitudinal goals (see #4 above.)

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Carol said...

Now I feel ashamed that I have just let SS go these past two weeks - figured it wasn't worth the trouble. Thanks for picking it up.

Lazy Daisy said...

Some great goals here Joan. I'm impressed at your discipline. Gotcha all prayed up for the week.

Joan said...

Thank you, LD, I will take all the prayer anyone wants to lift on my behalf.

The old saw about love being wasted on the young is also true of time! As I have aged, I have become more aware daily of the responsibility of using it wisely and productively!

Terrell said...

Inspiring, Joan. Thank you.

Jane said...

Joan, many of your goals are on my list as well. Making the right choices in food and checking my attitude are uppermost.
I do want you to know that you have accomplished making your impact on others as you pass their way. I speak from personal experience. Thank you for what you have meant and continue to mean to me.

AutumnRose said...

I haven't done Sunday Seven in a long time, but will start it up again soon.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and I send my New Year blessings.

With love,
AutumnRose xx