Saturday, June 02, 2007

Is There Life Out There?

I have found myself humming the old Reba McIntyre song, Is There Life Out There? every time I click on Daddy's Roses lately.

I have had so few comments in the last month or so, I have begun to wonder if I am the only person reading my blog. If so, that's cool - I write mostly because I have to; but I'd like to know if someone else is reading what I write and if so how often.

So, if you come by here on a regular or semi-regular basis, I would appreciate your letting me know that today. Just click on comments and say something like, "I couldn't live without your blog. I check it 10 times a day." or "I lucked up on you accidentally today and don't plan to be back." or "I check in here a couple of times a week." or whatever is actually true in your case.

Thanks a bunch! And have a wonderful weekend full of love, peace and joy!

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