Friday, May 04, 2007

Sunday Seven 14th Edition

I am blessed.

This has been a routine week in most ways, but I am quite aware that the routine life that most of us live would be considered luxury to many others around the world. The level of comfort and security that most of us experience daily would be heaven to some who live in war zones or inner-city slums or third-world countries.

1. I am thankful this week for a long stable marriage to a kind, loving, intelligent, and well-respected man who loves me.

2. I am thankful this week that my two adult children are successful and happy citizens who contribute positively to building a better society. I am also thankful that they share their lives with loving, responsible, admirable spouses.

3. I am thankful this week for my dear, precious Aggie, our son's youngest child. Sunday is her 9th birthday! Happy Birthday, Sweet Angel Face! Here she is with her older brother when they went for a walk with me a couple of weeks ago.

4. I am thankful for other family members. I had opportunity today to visit with my mother, one of my sisters, and one of my brothers for awhile. I also had email from my nephew who is serving in the US Army in Iraq.

5. I am thankful this week for the opportunity to be outside in the gorgeous weather we have had. We planted some flowers in the yard Thursday, and today I went to two estate sales and a yard sale. Woo hoo!! I love doing that!

6. I am thankful for our grandchildren. I will get to see two of them play softball/baseball tomorrow, and I will get to see/hear their children's musical program at their church on Sunday. I am also thankful that I had the opportunity to help my 14-year-old granddaughter research and outline a term paper that she is in the process of writing.

7. I am thankful that I discovered blogging and have met some wonderful new friends and have learned more about my mother, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, and children from reading their blogs.

It is good to review the week and ponder some of my blessings.

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