Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday or Runaday?

When today is over, I won't have "sat" - I will have "run"; so perhaps this is Runaday instead of Saturday. Today is full of family events. We had dinner last night at my mother's house with my older sister who is in from the DC area after a trip to Poland and before a trip to Texas. My other 3 siblings who live in town were there, along with their children. Our nieces and nephews and their varied activities:

  • Lil is home for a few days from college before leaving next week for Kenya.
  • Ben is home for a few days after graduating (Magna Cum Laude I have to add) from college. He is heading out tomorrow for France.
  • Matt flew in from Vermont for the weekend. Our church is having a wedding shower for him tomorrow afternoon because he is getting married in July in Vermont.
  • His brother Jon is graduating from HS this AM.
  • Another brother, Andy, is still in town from California recuperating from the stroke he had a few months ago.
  • We are all off to Alabama tonight, after Jon's graduation here in town, to attend the wedding of another niece, Jess.

So today is : Morning - Jon's graduation. Afternoon - Jon's grilfriend's dance recital. Evening - Jess's wedding a two-hour drive away.

Tomorrow is: Morning - church as usual. Afternoon - Matt's shower (his fiance couldn't make the trip with him this time.)

So blog-posting will be "post"poned between now and Monday!

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