Monday, May 21, 2007

Random Flickr Image 5183

This week's Random Flickr assigned number is 5183. There were 4,164 images posted with this random number. I have chosen 6 to caption.

"Hey, Joe, did you hear the one about the pacifier and the floor in the mall…..?"
IMG_5183.JPG Uploaded on 8 April 2007
By gewoonbobSee profile.


"Aw man! I just want to pick out my own clothes. You'd cry too if your mom dressed you like this!"
IMG_5183 Uploaded on 8 October 2006
By wisesowerSee profile.

"I guess he does have eyes like his mommy, Ethel; but his hairline is just like his daddy's,"
IMG_5183 Uploaded on 19 February 2007
By tgp_amandaSee profile.

"I heard George and Judy........."
IMG_5183 Uploaded on 23 July 2006
By vegsundSee profile.
Martin is finally ready to patent his new aircycle.
IMG_5183 Uploaded on 19 August 2005
By moto-familySee profile.

Self-imposed segregation as seen in Middle School Cafeterias
251_5183 Uploaded on 23 March 2007
By ocak26cgSee profile.

Tom at If I Ran the Zoo originated the idea of Random Flickr blogging.

Here's how it works: Every week, we all start with the same randomly-generated four-digit number (call it ####).Participants go to Flickr and search for "IMG_####". There are anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand results. One chooses an image or two from among the results posts it to his/her blog (along with attribution and a link back to the page where the image appears)--The blogger then writes about the image. The writer can make up a story about it, connect it to some issue, or just post it as an image he/she really likes.

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