Monday, February 12, 2007

Miss Model Middle School 2007

Two of our beautiful granddaughters (our son's daughters)competed in the "Miss Model Middle School" pageant Saturday night. Both girls are natural athletes and have been fierce and accomplished competitors in basketball and soccer for most of their lives, but this is a new arena for them. This was the very first competition of this sort for Raye, the 14-year-old. It was the 2nd one for Aggie, the 8-year-old. The contest for the title beauty crown was the main event of the evening, but it was preceded by four other contests in these age ranges: ages 5 & 6, ages 7 & 8, ages 9 & 10, ages 11 & 12.

Here are a few snapshots. Circumstances prevented me from getting many posed shots, and all of these are after the event, taken in the crowd afterward or in the restaurant where we got a very late dinner.

Aggie won first runner-up in her age category. (She commented later, "I got first runner up last year. I wanted the crown this time!") Raye, amazingly, didn't place in her first competition, but she was absolutely stunning and SO VERY poised. As she paraded the stage, I kept thinking, "This is actually the same girl who stands on the free-throw line, unselfconsciously crouches like a professional athlete, eyes the basket carefully, and almost invariably sinks foul shot after foul shot."

Here is Raye with her brother, the peanut-butter in the sandwich (she and Aggie are the bread on either side.) Doc is a seventh grader in the same school. They can bicker with the best of 'em, but he is proud of and loves his 16-month-older sister.

In the restaurant later, after the girls had changed clothes, they posed with their Dad, our very dear son.
Saturday was a very good day. Our daughter, our dear son-in-law, and their three precious children visited for the weekend. We all got to go to Aggie's last basketball game of the season, spend the day together, and go the pageant in the evening. What more could a parent/grandparent ask?

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