Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunday Seven - 2nd Edition

Sunday Seven

Seven of My Greatest Blessings of the Past Week

Disclaimer: I hesitate to post my Sunday Seven this week. I remind myself that the customary wisdom is that late is better than never; but my natural tendency to timeliness tells me otherwise. I am unused to failing a deadline -- a real one or one I have imposed on myself. Here it is Monday morning, and I am finishing up my Sunday Seven Post and preparing to publish it.

Another reason for my hesitation to post is that I just read my brother, Terrell's, Sunday Seven at Alone on a Limb. I laughed aloud at his perceptions of his schoolboy romances and the stories that revealed the early beginnings of his life-long stubbornness -- uh, maybe I mean his persistent nature. I also did some soul-searching as he made me think about my possible influence on students that I have taught through the years. How I'd love to read what some of them remember about their experiences in my classroom -- I THINK I'd love to read those remembrances!

Anyway, regardless of the above disclaimers, I have finished the post I began on Friday and am posting forthwith.

This week I am very thankful for:

1. The knowledge that most people we encounter in life are loving, caring, human beings who at least INTEND no harm to their fellow travelers on this planet. For the last year and a half we have been forced to deal with one of the exceptions. This week we had further necessary contact with this inividual whose initials are SCJ. Surprisingly those intials stand for the actual names given him by his parents, but they could much more appropriately be short for Stupid Crazy Jerk. This renewed jerking-around we have "enjoyed" this week has given me a stronger appreciation for the basic goodness of most people! After all, it is common knowledge that experiencing the storm gives new appreciation for sunshine.

2. The comfort/delight of the written word. I have found knowledge, fun, inspiration, and a sense of connection to God and to other persons this week through reading written expression of other people's thoughts. I have clarified some of my own thinking and emotions by hearing (in my mind as I read) their perceptions of events. This blessing has been intensified (see the principle in italics in #1 above) by the startling contrast between the above-mentioned reading and the 7th grade essays I have been slogging through as a consultant for a local school's creative writing program!

3. My Mother. I am always thankful for her, but this week I got to enjoy her company at a Valentine's dinner, and family dinner, and several phone conversations. She is a unique and very dynamic person. I heard her speak at church last night about the Biblical truths that we can learn from hymns. It was a very insightful, as well as delightful, message and service. you may notice a little tie-in here to #2 above.

4. Georgia Weather. We have had very chilly and windy days this week; and we have had mild and sunny days this week. I love being able to enjoy the variety without struggling through heavy snow in bundlesome outerwear or sweating through heavy sunscreen and unrelenting heat. I love Georgia's generally moderate weather --one could say it is characterized by "restricted variety."

5. The company of little children. Having had opportunity to spend some time with all 6 of our grandchildren this week, and having attended several events where children either performed or attended, I have loved seeing their innocence and trust, their openness and honesty, their enjoyment of simple pleasures, and the depth of the value they place on human relationships. What is the scripture about "becoming as little children" to inherit an eternity in Heaven?

6. Good Health. I had further surgery on a "melanacytic neoplasm" on my left arm. The surgical site has been sore, bruised, and swollen since Thursday when the surgery was done, but the surgeon believes that she removed all the bad tissue and expects to get a lab report of "clean margins." I will get the official report from the lab this Thursday.

7. Several Bits of Happy News from Family Members. Mother got a good report on her medical lab results early this past week. My nephew is on R&R in Germany and is out of Iraq for awhile. Another nephew continues to recover from the brain-stem stroke he had a few months ago. A cousin (Jane of Cozy Reader) has her other knee replacement scheduled. Another nephew's wedding plans are proceding and we are able to keep up with events through a website they have established. My niece, who is teaching in a mission school in Tenwik, Kenya, is doing well and is again able to use her computer to keep us informed of her work there.

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