Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Retired or Re-tired??

Retirement is supposed to be filled with relaxation and long, idle days. Today I feel more like I am re-tired (as in TIRED AGAIN.) I am taking some classes to get the few PLUs I need to renew my teaching certificate, which will expire in June unless I file a renewal application and accompany it with proof that I have earned the appropriate number of Professional Learning Units since my last renewal. Since I have been retired for 3 years, I am lacking a few of the needed hours, so I will have to put in about 80 contact hours between now and the end of April to renew my teaching certificate. I will get in 10 hours this week and 20 hours next week toward that goal.

Anyway, I spent the day today facing a stubborn machine in a technology class. It was pretty elementary for an intermediate-level class and was certainly not a mental challenge, but it DID take the entire day and will take about 4 hours tomorrow as well.

When I got home, we had the joy of keeping our 8-year-old granddaughter for a few hours while the rest of her family was otherwise committed. It is always great to have her here, but it takes the evening. We practiced and drilled multiplication facts and prepared lists for her valentine-writing, which she will be doing at home tonight (after what should be bedtime.)

It has been a busy day and I am indeed RE -TIRED!
As a side note: One day last week, my husband, a recently-retired United Methodist minister, was covering the hospital visitation duties for our pastor who was out of town for a few days. When he came home and found me evaluating 7th Grade writing pieces as an unpaid consultant for a local school, he commented, "I thought retirement would last longer than this! Aren't we doing just what we've done most nights for the last 40 years?" I replied, "I guess retirement must mean doing the same work WITHOUT collecting a paycheck."

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