Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 27 - Thirteen Things about Joan

Thirteen Things you probably don't know about Joan

  1. I like to draw and paint.
  2. I cannot ride a horse. I've tried twice and the mount ran away with me both times
  3. I unofficially collect a lot of odd things: old coins, state quarters, old keys, antique butter molds, antique architectural stained glass, dolls, quilts.
  4. My idea of a really enjoyable day is wandering alone through a good estate sale or a large, junky antique shop/flea market -- or even a neighborhood-wide series of yard sales.
  5. I have been faithful to my husband for 43 years.
  6. In spite of the fact that one of my greatest enjoyments in life is finding a good bargain, I would really like to be wealthy and be able to buy without considering price.
  7. I have had only two automobile accidents in 50 years of driving a car. Only one caused significant automobile damage.
  8. I dislike television - especially reality shows.
  9. I dislike being the center of attention -- especially birthday celebrations.
  10. I nearly died of complications from surgery in 2001.
  11. I have not burned any bread in a couple of years!
  12. I love to travel -- flying in airplanes, going on cruises, walking on the beach, being a stranger in a crowd.
  13. My husband and I have been on 20-25 islands, some off the coast of the US, some in the Caribbean, and some in the Mediterranean.

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