Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 26 - Word Magic from recent reading

Thirteen Examples of Interesting Phrasing from My Recent Reading

In case there are any other wordnerds out there, I bring to you again some of the interesting phrasing I have read in the past couple of weeks. I have not kept good records, but these are mostly from my light fiction reading. Just so you know, I DO read nonfiction, devotional, biographical, self-help, and historical material too, but when I am reading serious thoughts that require concentration, I am not as inclined to stop and note the phrasing as much. At those times I am more likely to notice longer passages that open new avenues of thought. Perhaps I will list thirteen of those one Thursday. Meanwhile, don't you like the use of words and phrases in these?

1. How do you stay decent in a system that is essentially corrupt?

2. Feminazi

3. He sat, bland with entitlement, insensitive as a truck tire. (I love the "bland with entitlement" part - hey, I think I KNOW that guy!)

4. God's on His break, so she's in charge. (Gee, I know this gal too!)

5. This further tap upon the cracked vase of Helen sufficed to send her into fragments.

6. (Court) was run with the speed and dignity of a KMart, Saturday afternoon on the low side of town.

7. (These were) minor tasks he could do sleeping.

8. Response to "God bless you": "Unlikely, but I thank you."

9. He used to tell us we should act as if anything we did was going to show up on the front page the next day, and we should be able to read it there without embarrassment. (This would be good policy for all of us, don't you think?)

10. Could they, could anyone, given unlimited resources, try to graft, let us say, an actual human person onto that empty physical form?

11. Perhaps they can adjust the soup in Brian's head.

12. It (tying to determine what is the "right" thing to do) was like trying to wallpaper a running hog.

13. I gave her language. She was sad and groping. She had the feelings but no semantic boxes to put them in. (If you read this blog with any regularity at all, you know I love this one.)

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