Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - You Imp

Can you IMPlement the skills needed to find the 13 words defined below? (Each answer contains the letter combination IMP. )

  1. Majestic

  2. Descriptive of everyone but you and me.
  3. An obstruction

  4. Always in a hurry

  5. Objective

  6. A "smart aleck" (two choices here)

  7. To do better

  8. Helpless

  9. Not who he/she appears to be

  10. Rude

  11. A stopping place; a barrier

  12. Without flaws
  13. Not providing for the future

Answers: 1)imperial, 2)imperfect, 3)impediment, 4)impatient, 5)impartial, 6)impertinent or impudent, 7)improve, 8)impotent, 9)imposter, 10)impolite, 11)impediment, 12)impeccable, 13)improvident

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