Thursday, December 14, 2006

Desperate Housewife Needs Recipes!

Can you help? Do you have a good (and preferably easy) recipe for one of these dishes -- a recipe that you have used many times and know to be successful? I have found plenty of recipes on the internet, but I am looking for tried and proven recipes for these three dishes:

1. cranberry salad
2. broccoli salad
3. Japanese Fruitcake
or Date-Nut Cake

My mother and my four sisters love to cook. I DON'T! What a pain to be the "odd ball" who doesn't get it when they start talking excitedly about meal planning! Anyway, my little branch of the family tree knows I get stressed out serving a hot meal to a crowd, so they have agreed to take it easy on me this year. (Actually they have decided that meals would be more pleasant without the echo of "I despise to cook!" reverberating at full volume through the neighborhood just before we sit down to eat!)

So, we plan have an entirely prepared-ahead cold Christmas dinner with ham and turkey (cooked and sliced ahead of time)with some good salads and desserts (also made ahead of time.) This will require no last minute timing of dishes or major cleanup afterward - and no opportunity to burn the bread. We can spend our small allotment of time talking, visiting, and enjoying each other's company, perhaps even playing some board games after the kids open a few presents.

I will be happy to link you and report on the success (or lack thereof) of recipes you share with me.

Please feel free to forward this desperate request to any of your cooking friends.

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