Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Meme - Questions for Jesus

I've been tagged -- Norma of Collecting My Thoughts tagged me oh a week or so ago. I have had a hard time concentrating enough to come up with something worthwhile to write on this topic, so my response is VERY tardy. Randy Kirk made up this meme after thinking about this question for a long time; he tagged Norma, who tagged me. The question is: What are the first five things you want to ask Jesus when you get to heaven?

  1. Now that I am here, most of the questions I had seem unimportant; but what is going to happen with the animals here? Many folks, like Norma, think Heaven can't be perfect without their pets; but people like me think that Heaven can't be perfect with animals barking, meowing, squawking, stinking up the environment, sniffing around our private parts, rubbing against our legs, and/or jumping up on us.
  2. Why was it so hard to make good Christian people on Earth realize that what they owned there didn't matter? Are they here even though they served mammon instead of (or in addition to) God?
  3. Why didn’t you come back sooner? Was your return scheduled from the beginning, or were you waiting for a particular Earthly event?
  4. Apparently I did okay even without understanding this one -- after all, I AM here; but please explain to me the relationship between faith and works again. Am I here because I had faith or because I did good works?
  5. How could you love us enough to die for us -- especially folks like Hitler, Saddam Hussein, all those serial killers and rapists, and people who refused to even acknowledge your existence?

If you'd like to try this one, consider yourself tagged and give it a go! Have a great Wednesday and make wherever you are today heaven for those around you!

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