Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Year in Review

I got this idea from Sherry at Semicolon ,who got it from Life in a Shoe, who got it from Mommybrain, who got it from Bluegrass Mama, who got it from Nat's and -------. How far back do I need to go?

Following the lead of these good blogs, the first sentence (or so) of the first post of each month of the year begets my version of the year in review: a sampling of the year 2005 on Daddy's Roses. Since I just began blogging in September, this will be short.

September: Hello, All!! I am experimenting with my blog.

October: I am reading a book entitled A Treasury of Georgia Tales by Webb Garrison.

November: How does a person become who he/she wants to be?

December: A couple of days ago I checked PivotPoint's Daily Chuckle (their slogan is "We build smiles") and got a GOOD chuckle! The post was a make-fun piece on American society's current fixation on avoiding the word "Christmas" and any reference to any idea, thought, word, or glance that might, possibly, conceivably, by stretching your imagination to its limit, be considered in any way the least bit offensive or objectionable to anyone on the face of the Earth, or on any other planet of course, no matter how obscure that possibility of offense might be.

So, that's it. Not very profound.

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