Saturday, November 05, 2005

Travels and Homecomings

After spending 10 days in some GORGEOUS away-from-home places, it is good to be home!

I have renewed appreciation for:

1. Divine Creativity as seen in the beauty of the emerald sea, the fluid and inviting coastlines of caribbean islands, the brilliant sunrises and sunsets over the sea, the variety of the human face throughout the world, the wonderful smell and taste of Costa Rican coffee; impressive natural waterforms like Dunn's River Falls near Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

2. Human Creativity as seen in the lovely crafts sold in the craft marts near all the ports (including the colorful Molas made and displayed in Panama by the Kuna Indians and the exotic wood creations designed and sold in Costa Rica); the shows produced by talented singers, dancers, and comedians (Have you ever seen "Sarge"? He was a little crude at times, but completely hilarious in the three shows we saw him in. I have seldom seen a performer who seemed to enjoy his work so much); the spectacular ice carvings, fruit and vegetable carvings and bread sculptures created by trained artist-chefs; and the thought-provoking word-creations by talented writers such as Joan Brady, who wrote Heaven in High Gear, one of the 8 books I read while sitting on a luxurious cruise ship surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters.

3. The Panama Canal - The term "engineering marvel" is not misapplied to this great achievement. The canal is almost 100 years old now. Have you ever realized and appreciated the generosity our country showed by funding and building this important passage for the benefit of the whole world? You can actually watch a ship go through the canal in real time by logging on to Of course, that is assuming that a ship is going through when you log on.

4. Home - Dorothy (in the Wizard of Oz) nailed it when she said, "There's NO place like home."

Check out my Photo Album for a few of my pics.


Ruth said...

Welcome home Joan! I was great to ready your BLOG today. What a wonderful discription of the water and the Islands...

Carol said...

Glad your home. The trip sounds wonderful. And I, too, am glad you're back to posting in your blog. (Although you DID post a few times while you were gone).

Carol said...

Okay --- I meant YOU'RE in the first sentence instead of YOUR. I DO know the difference. LOL!

Beth said...

I'm glad you are back - I'm really enjoying reading about your trip and looking at the pics.

I had no idea you could watch a ship go through the Panama Canel in real time.

And YES - we do live in a generous country... :)

Jane said...

Joan, it sounds like you and Jim had a wonderful trip. It is always fun to read others adventures and live vicariously through them! By the way, if you think Costa Rican coffee is good (and it is)you should taste Venezuelan coffee! It is absolutely the best I have ever had.