Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween on Gatun Lake in the Panama Canal

The Coral Princess is safely anchored in Gatun Lake just past the Atlantic Ocean locks of the Panama Canal. It was absolutely fascinating to go through these locks and see the operation of the canal up close. And I DO mean up close. Our stateroom is on the starboard side and at several points during the transit we were face to face with the operators of the locomotives that guide the ships through the locks. We had some interesting conversations with them.

We entered the canal at about 6:30 this AM and just finished to this point about an hour ago - 9:00 AM.

I read on Branseurotrip that she is spending Halloween in Rome, Italy! Wow, her adventure sounds SO wonderful. We are happy to be spending Halloween in the middle of the Panama Canal.

The ship is decorated "to the nines" for halloween. They do everything in a big way on these ships.

Last night we enjoyed Karaoke, even though neither of us had the guts to compete. We also enjoyed the country and western night and the line dancing.

I have missed checking The Median Sib and Reasoned Audacity since we have been on ship. It takes a long time to load and internet time is precious and expensive here. Ruthlace had not added a new post last time I checked.

I have some great pics, I think; but I cannot upload them directly from the camera. I will have to wait until we get home to post some.

We will go back through the locks beginning about 12:00 and dock in Cristobal about 4:00. We set off from there at 7:00 for Limon, Costa Rica.

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Ruth said...

It has been great to read your posts about the Panama Canal and other sites we have read about for years and never seen. I heard about Janie's BLOG and thought, I'll have to ask Joan to add it...but did it myself. So perhaps there is hope for me yet. I start with Brannon and read all teh family Blogs and it takes time. Terry called me this morning,,,and said "I fiannly caught you off line." I amy be forced to get a separate phone line...