Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ocho Rios, Jamaica and the Panama Canal

I missed posting yesterday. We had a wonderful day in Ocho Rios. We took a shore excursion that included a visit to the Green Grotto Caves and to Dunn's River Falls. The caves were pretty much like any caves -- we did see a lot of bats this time and a lot of interesting rock formations. However it was extremely HOT and HUMID, and the air was thick with mosquitoes. So I am paying today for that visit with lots of itchy spots.

The falls were spectacular! They were very steep and high at the bottom, had a level place in the middle, then climbed steeply again near the top. What was really interesting is that they allowed people to get in the river and climb the falls. I can't imagine that that would be allowed in any park in the US. There were hundreds of people (mostly from the ship) climbing the falls -- kids as young as 8 or 9 and senior citizens as old as (guessing) 75 or so. It was extremely strenuous and potentially hazardous. Jim and I decided not to climb them. We were already pretty tired from climbing and ducking our way through the caves for 2 hours. But we really enjoyed watching those hardier souls who did climb.

Today was a sea day. We attended (along with abut 300 other passengers) an interdenominational protestant worship service. Quite interesting. I also took a line-dancing class and spent a lot of time reading and lying on a lounge chair on the top deck.

Tomorrow is the big day of the cruise. We will partially traverse the Panama Canal. I am looking forward to that experience. The next day we will visit Limon, Costa Rica. Then we have two more sea days on the way home.

We have seen several really good comedians, pianists, dancers, Caribbean bands, and other kinds of entertainers. In a few minutes we are going to a karaoke show, then to a country and western hoe-down.

Panama, here we come.

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Carol said...

When Larisa and I went on a cruise eons ago, she climbed the Dunn's River Falls. I remember it, and it was beautiful. Glad you're having a good time. Did you sing karaoke? Love you!