Thursday, December 22, 2005

Away in the Manger Part II

In my post on December 5th I stated that my LEAST favorite Christmas carol is Away in a Manger. Yesterday my youngest grandson gave me another reason to dislike the song.

E (age 4), his two slightly older sisters, and his parents were singing Christmas carols and songs in the car on the way to the hospital to see a new baby cousin. When they started singing Away in a Manger and got to the line "the little lord Jesus asleep on the hay", E yelled out, "Hay!? Jesus wouldn't sleep on the hay; the horses would eat him!" (Dramatic pause) "Then we wouldn't have no baby Jesus!" (Don't worry. The double negative in his sentence structure is just because of his age. I love observing the language development of children, don't you?!)

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Lyn said...

That child definitely expresses what's on his mind - usually loudly and repetitively! He really thought the idea of Jesus sleeping on the hay was rediculous and the song writers just must not have a clue about what really happened. One of the things that baffled me about his reaction is that he was in a Christmas program that had a manger filled with hay and a "baby Jesus lying in it. He was a sheppard and stood looking at the manger. Somehow, he didn't connect the two, I guess. Who knows what he thought was going on during the Christmas program!