Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas Hymns and Carols

Many of the old Christmas hymns and carols are beautiful music and poety. However, one Christmas song I have never liked is Away in a Manger. Today I read a post by another blogger that expressed my feelings about it. (I wish I remembered where I read this post, so I could credit it. I just found it interesting to read my thoughts already so well expressed.) This blogger wrote:

To the people who translated 'Stille Nacht' from German to English: Saying that the Holy Infant is 'tender and mild' makes Him sound like a Roast Duck....For that matter, is it just me or does 'Away In A Manger' rob Jesus of all His majesty and awe by attempting to turn him into a well-behaved lullabye dolly? I
think so.

I would add that I am sorry that this particular Christmas song is one of the best known and most often sung and played. It says so little compared to the beautiful words in other less-well-known songs. The tune is so bland compared to the majesty and rousing joy expressed in, for example, Joy to the World.

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