Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why I Will Probably Vote for Donald Trump

"On July 17, 1980, 35 years ago, when he accepted the Republican presidential nomination, Ronald Reagan—the great communicator—outlined what he intended to do as president with five little words—family, work, neighborhood, peace, and freedom." (quotation from The Daily Signal article "Five Little Words That Helped Change a Nation") 

Although the country who heard that speech is very different from the America of 2016, the Republican party still basically supports those same values (assuming that the platform presented and approved at the convention this week will be a remake of the usual.) 

  • Reagan mentioned FAMILY (In 2016 that translates to protection of life from conception to tomb, and lack of federal interference in family businesses) 
  • He mentioned WORK (Today that means stopping the influx of illegal immigrants who take jobs that our citizens need or who further burden welfare programs). 
  • The third key word of Reagan's speech was NEIGHBORHOOD (Today the party stands for limiting the continuing expansion of federal control over state and local issues and personal and religious freedoms.) 
  • PEACE was Reagan's fourth keyword. (Peace through strength is still favored by the Republicans - restoring our strong military and uniting - instead of further dividing - Americans is a concern in 2016.) 
  • Reagan's final keyword in 1980 was FREEDOM (The concern in 2016 is not only national freedom through a strong military, but also a personal and economic freedom in which citizens spend their money as THEY see fit instead of the government dictates.)

While I don't like the presumptive nominee of the Republican party, I know that any president is defined and limited by the policies of his/her party. I think it is foolish for an American to waste his/her vote by either not voting at all or by writing in a candidate who cannot win. Our country will be run by the policies of either the Republican or the Democratic party. It is my strong opinion that a responsible citizen will vote for the candidate of the party whose policies and ideals most closely align with his/hers. I will vote for Donald Trump if he is nominated, as expected. I don't like him; but our country will be much better under the stated platform and known policies of the Republican Party than under the stated platform and known policies of the Democrats.


Norma said...

My thoughts, too. The alternative is just awful.

Jane Lathem said...

My feelings exactly! You always express yourself so clearly and I appreciate it.