Tuesday, February 03, 2009

St, Georges, Granada February 3, 2009

We were up at 7:45 and were still en route to Grenada. We went back to bed. I listened to a Stuart Woods novel then took a shower.

In the Line Dance class we had the instructor I don’t like – the white effeminate Miko. He goes through things much too fast and seems to think that the idea is to confuse the heck out of the participants.

He “taught” the Honky-tonk-honk – ran through the steps very quickly then proceeded to put on the music and play it faster and faster so nobody could keep up. Then Miko “taught” the Disco Inferno. He used the same procedure – barely introduce the basic steps then immediately race through it as fast as possible with the music.

In the ballroom dance class (with the good black instructor, Maraschal) He reviewed the Cha-Cha, the Salsa, and the Meringue (which I missed)

Jim and I sat on deck 15 and ate pizza as we docked. Next to us was a Celebrity ship as large as ours – the Celebrity Summit.

I found Grenada very unpleasant. The vendors absolutely swamped the passengers – literally grabbing your clothes to propel you to their vending areas. It reminded me of the vendors in Antigua. I don’t think I’ll want to return here. We could have left the dock area and walked into town easily, but it was a little scary to have such aggressive vendors; so we didn’t get out of the port area. It was very crowded and felt unsafe. It was also oppressively HOT!

The captain made an announcement (AFTER disembarkation began) that passengers wearing camouflage won’t be allowed to enter the country.

Grenada is part of a 3-island nation: Carriacu and Petite Martinique are the other two.
There was a large number of women dressed in professional clothing on the streets in town

We shopped and came back to ship separately. When I got back (very early), I sat on deck and drank a strawberry daiquiri (YUM). I went to buffet and snacked and enjoyed the view.

Came back to room, lay and listened to Dark Harbor and dozed for a couple of hours.

When sun went down at 6:00, it started getting dark and cooler very fast. I sat on balcony and wrote and enjoyed the scenery and breeze.

Showered, dressed and went to dinner in Michaelangelo dining room about 8:00, then sat in Club Fusion, listened to Voltz and watched dancers.

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