Monday, February 02, 2009

Kralendijk, Bonaire February 2, 2009

We scheduled no shore excursions for Bonaire. This is the only one of the Netherland Antilles that we had not visited before. We had been to both Aruba and Curacao before.

We had a very noisy docking about 7:00 AM

Could see a large soccer field from the ship.

Joan to breakfast at 8:00 – really BAD grits. Sat on deck 15 portside and looked around at the town since little was visible from our balcony. There was no obvious shopping area visible from the ship.

I showed little enthusiasm yesterday for the camera Jim bought me, and he is understandably irritated with me for that. It just seems that every time I decide not to get into photos, we get a new camera and I am pushed back into it. Also it is such a pain to be constantly learning how to use new electronic “stuff” – computers, cameras, etc.

I am wearing a sundress today, so I cannot wear the pedometer. From the ship it looks like at least 6 or 7 blocks from the gangway to where it looks like most passengers are heading. It is extremely HOT here today – at least 90 degrees.

About 10:00 AM, we walked into Kralendijk. The whole town is within walking distance. . “Bon Bini” signs everywhere you look. We enjoyed looking around and walking through not only the port “craft mall” type shops, but the actual town shops. I couldn’t find any large bags or shirts like I was looking for; but I did go into a bookstore and bought some little notebooks for the kids.

We were back on the ship by 12:00.

I sat on Deck 7 and watched Bonaire recede and listed to Stone Barrington on my Nano; then I sat inside in the Explorer Lounge and watched an art auction. After that I walked into one of the midship lounges and listened to a pianist. I finally gave in and signed up for 250 minutes of internet time and spent about an hour checking email and reading Caringbridge updates on Lily.

After dinner, comedian Carey Long was the entertainer. He was very funny! He is from Atlanta. Then the later show was a repeat of the Jeff Peterson show; but we enjoyed it again the second time.

I realized in the middle of the show that my cruise card had come off its chain; so I left and went to the purser’s desk to see if it had been turned in. It had been, so I reclaimed it.

We saw Carey Long again. He was still funny; and we bought a DVD of the show. We went up to the Grill on Deck 15 for a nearly-midnight snack.

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