Saturday, September 22, 2007

Daddy's Second Rose = Second Chair

I hope my few loyal readers will bear with this writer a little longer. Daddy's Roses has given the blogging "first chair" status to MMS Language Arts Masters. Since I went back to short-term full-time teaching (7 very tiring, but rewarding, weeks ago), I have spent what little extra energy and time I have in creating and updating that blog for my students and their parents. You are welcome to take a look at it, although it is entirely specific to our particular classroom concerns and curriculum topics. My responsibilities in this position will last until November 2, and I don't intend to accept any further teaching positions for a few months.

I have numerous drafts in various stages of completion ready to post here when I have opportunity to give it a little thought and effort; so check in when you can!


Norma said...

All the teachers I know have a very hard time retiring. It seems they are back at work within a few weeks! We just returned from Ireland, and I'm blogging the trip. Stop by when you're not too busy!

Terrell said...

Great minds travel the same ruts, I suppose. I was sitting at my computer working on my prospective class blog when Sheila says, "Did you know Joan's made a blog for her class?"

I haven't uploaded mine yet, but I want it up before parent conferences this week.

Can't wait to check yours out!