Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Real America

As I have mentioned numerous times on this blog, I am blessed to have been born into an amazing family. Each of my siblings has unique talents and intellect. My one older sister is a professional writer and speaker. She published an article this week detailing lessons learned (or relearned)and general observations made at her recent high school reunion. Here are a couple of what would be called "sound bites" if this were presented orally. And here is the link to the entire article.

Marriage is Still a Central Feature of Mainstream America: A clear majority of those attending the reunion were married within five years of graduating from high school and remain married to that original spouse – 42 of us......
This next clip is encouraging to me as an educator.
High School Teachers can have a “Profound and Continuing Influence": Several classmates expressed gratitude and appreciation to specific teachers. A couple of classmates wrote that their lives were profoundly influenced by certain teachers......
And this part should be encouraging to anyone who is exposed to the constant denigration of patriotism by our MSM.
Patriotism is Still Deeply Ingrained and Integral to Our Identity: The opening prayer by our Senior Class president was beautifully crafted and included prayers for our President and other national leaders as well as prayers for those serving our country in the military.
Faith is Vital for Successfully Handling Life: Reunions always highlight the truth that life is hard. ..... Numerous classmates mentioned the sustaining power of their faith and the support that comes from their involvement in a church community.
This remnant of a high school graduating class from years ago represents, IMHO, the "real America". Janice says that:
These are the people who take in foster kids that nobody else will take, who spend weekends helping clean up after Hurricane Katrina, who take in a grandchild who needs special care, who assist with anything electronic, who are involved in MS or Parkinson’s Support Groups.....who raise money for charitable organizations, whose suggestions improve Social Security handling and processing, who travel to the poorest coal mining villages to bring supplies and medical care, who coach Little League....
The article ends with a retelling of their experience at the airport on their return trip home. All the travelers there stood and applauded while a group of our soldiers walked through the airport to leave their families, board a plane and travel to foreign soil to support our great country.

This proud sister's summary cannot do Jan's article justice. Go there and read the entire article.

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