Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Edition 52 for me

A website I enjoy visiting from time to time is Brownielocks. At this site you can find all kinds of interesting "stuff" about historical events, silly customs, calendars, calculations regarding time, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (imagine Yul Brenner here delivering this line from The King and I.)

I turned to Brownielocks for some input into the usually uneventful month of August, which we are now sweltering through. August is the month of the Peridot (light green birthstone) and Gladiolus (tall spiky flower of the month.) Although this month is one of the few months of the year in which there is no major holiday, it has been declared by various groups as the month of their cause, and various groups have claimed a week or a day of it to be the week or day of their cause. Here are some of the more interesting days that have been designated.

1....August 5 - Sister's Day and Friendship Day (As a "girl" with four sisters and two sisters-in-law, this day is interesting to me.)

2....August 7 - Professional Speaker's Day (One of those sisters mentioned above should have been honored on this day -- I wish I had known to send her a card.)

3....August 11 - National Garage Sale Day (One would think that this would always come on a weekend -- say the 2nd Saturday in August or some such designation!)

4....August 18 - Bad Poetry Day (If you read my blog often, you know why I found this day to have a personal connection!)

5...August 24 - Vesuvius Day (One of the most fascinating places I have ever visited was a year and a half ago when we visited Pompeii and saw the devastation caused by the historic eruption of this volcano in the first century AD. Here I am in Pompeii with Mt Vesuvius in the background.)

6....Children's Eye Health and Safety Month

7...National Civility Month - (My students will hear about this one tomorrow! I could just hope for a DAY of civility -- a MONTH is just useless dreaming!)

8....August 1-7 national Breastfeeding week (No comment)

9....August 25-31 - National Be Kind to Humankind Week (It is a shame that this week comes during National Civility Month. It should be put in a different month to encourage civil behavior a couple of times a year!)

10....August 26 - Sissy's Day (Okay, so this one is just MY designation in honor of my sis of The Median Sib.)

11....August 29 Bre's Day (Again, my personal day for one of my GKids)

12....Back to School month (Boo!!! Hisss!!!)

13....Hot as H*ll month (True blue this year. The thermometer in my car read 108 degrees all the way home today!"


Malcolm: said...

It's funny that #s 5 and 13 are in the same month. I have a book called "Chase's Calendar of Events" and I'm amazed at the different kind of "special" days and events that are held.

Tink said...

I've added Brownielocks to my faves. Great list, some silly things and some serious.
My Tt is about BED.

Suprina said...

I love celebrating World Breastfeeding week. I breastfeed all 4 of my children.

I have a couple of site that I go to for fun and sillie, serious holidays of the year.

I have added brownielocks to my favorites as well.

Great TT!

Norma said...

I'm coming back to leave a comment. Yesterday the box wouldn't come up. Good TT. I'll check it out. I didn't do one, but did a PT. You've invited to comment.