Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Seven 20th Edition

When I was reviewing the past week and "counting my blessings" this morning, they seemed to divide themselves into categories, so I am doing my Sunday Seven reflection this week in an unusual format.

1. A THING I am thankful for: A comfortable place to come home to and relax.

2. A PERSON I am especially thankful for: The fathers in my immediate family. My own father (see these tributes: The Median Sib, Townhall, Blue Star Chronicles, and my own Thursday Thirteen this week); my own DH, who is a wonderful father and grandfather; our son and our son-in-law, both of whom are exceptional fathers to our grandchildren; my brothers who are loving, patient, and strong fathers to their daughters (five between them!) I cannot overlook here, either, my brothers-in-law and nephews who are fathers - each with his own special qualities and unique strength as a parent.

3. A PLACE I enjoyed this week: My daughter's house. I spent most of the week with her in order to be mom/chauffer/laundress while she was on jury duty. It turned out that she was never called in to serve, so we had lots of time to spend together. The children went to Bible School with their neighbor in the mornings, and the neighbor went to Bible School with them in the evenings; so my daughter and I had time to work together and talk. We got a lot of organizing, sprucing up, and decluttering done in her house while we laughed and talked and shared in ways we hadn't had time to do in several years.

4. An EVENT/ACTIVITY that was special: The end-of-the-week program in Bible School. Their theme this year was "Avalanch Ranch". They did activities and studies with a western theme. They learned livened-up, country-music versions of several contemporary Christian songs and sang them with choreographed movements. I enjoyed the music and seeing the children enjoy learning that: God is good, God is awesome, God is strong, God is in charge, and I can't remember the other one (but I am sure the children do!)

5. A SIGHT that cheered me: Three of my grandchildren were going to visit a neighbor across the quiet residential street they live on. They ran separately to the edge of the street, stopped, reached for each other's hands, carefully looked both ways, and crossed the street as one.

6. A SOUND that encourages me:I appreciated hearing my DH's CPAP machine humming softly beside me again last night. After being away from him for a week, it was good to be back home in our own bed and to hear the familiar sound of his machine (for sleep apnea.)

7. An EMOTION that was prevalent: Peace and tranquility. In spite of problems, concerns, and conflicts in the world, a strong conviction prevails that life is good, love is abundant, family is solid, and God is in charge.

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