Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jessie Davis, Bobby Cutts, Jr., Boyfriends, and Parentling

I am so very sorry, as I know all of us are, that the body of Jessie Davis was found today. That she and her unborn child were killed just weeks before the baby's birth was due is a sad day for society in general.

Bobby Cutts, Jr., Jessie's "boyfriend", who according to reports met the criteria to use that appellation many times over in relationship to a large number of women, has been arrested on two counts of murder. There is apparently enough evidence to support the claim that he did this awful deed.

One of the saddest aspects of this situation, to me, is that her innocent little two-year-old child apparently witnessed whatever traumatic event happened in the house and that the kidnapping/murder might have been committed by that child's own father. It is unimaginable to me that any human being could possibly kill the parent of his/her own child -- especially in the presence of that child. And further unimaginable is that any parent, knowing that his/her child has been so tramatized, could then leave that child alone in the home without care or comfort.

Another aspect of the situation that relates to all of us is that this man was/is a police officer. Even though the man had a history of domestic abuse, and even though there was question about his ownership of a gun used in a crime, the police department hired him to "serve and protect" the citizenry!

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