Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Me, Me, Me!!!!

I got this series of questions from Do I Have to Call It a Blog? (Can you believe this girl signs her posts with MY name? She calls herself "wordnerd".) Anyway, I liked the questions, and I thought that if I answered and posted them, maybe some of my favorite readers would take the hint and do the same. That way I can learn some interesting things about these fantastic folks. So feel free to steal it and run with it -- it could be pretty enlightening. Now that you know my ulterior motives, here goes:

  1. What were you doing ten years ago? I was coordinating the tutors in the learning lab at an exclusive private school in Atlanta. I only had 2 grandchildren, but was looking forward to the birth of our third (our daughter's first.) Little did I know on June 5, 1997 that in only 24 more days our daughter would be hospitalized for the first of about 8 times before the birth of her beautiful daughter on August 29. She was confined to bed for the remainder of the pregnancy, so I pretty much moved in to help take care of her and the house during the day while her husband was at work.
  2. What were you doing 1 year ago? Same as today - blogging, babysitting, reading, writing, trying to sell a house, attempting to settle into a house.....
  3. Five snacks you enjoy: dark chocolate, cheetos, almost any fruit, almonds, cheese crackers.
  4. Five songs to which you know all the lyrics: I could list probably 50 or more common hymns here (we'll count all those as only one and 2/3.), kids' songs like "This ol man", "b-i-n-g-o", "The ABC song", "The Bear Went over the Mountain", "Do Your Ears Hang Low", "Clementine","Mary Had a Little Lamb", and on and on and on...(we'll count kids' songs as another 1 2/3.) Old sing-along songs like "Froggie went a'courtin'", "Down in the Valley", "Kum ba ya", "You Are My Sunshine", "Yellow Rose of Texas, "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah", "In the Good ol' Summertime", "Down in the Valley", and on and on and on.(And another 1 2/3 makes 5!!!)
  5. Five things you would do if you were a millionaire: Buy a large piece of property, build a house for us on part of it and give 5 adjoining acres to any family members that would build and move there. I think that would use up a million, but if I were a MULTI-millionaire, I would then add an indoor pool to the house and a recreation area adjacent to our house for the use of everybody in the compound. I would invest a couple of hundred thousand. I would give each of my children and siblings $100,000. I would seek out 100 truly worthy hard-working citizens who have not had financial breaks in life and give (anonymously) each one as large a sum as I could manage with the remainder of the fortune.
  6. Five things you would never wear again: 1. Stiletto heels 2. miniskirts 3. stirrup pants 4. long hair (would if my hair were thicker, but it's not so I won't) 5. short shorts
  7. Five favorite (g-rated) toys: 1. Computer 2. Cell Phone 3. Books 4. camera 5. lots of entertainments such as scrabble, jigsaw puzzles, sudokus, crosswords, etc.

There! That wasn't so bad. Now, if you want to play along, read below:

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