Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 45 for me

13 Things I’ve Done Since Becoming a “Senior Citizen”

(10 are actually true! Can you spot the three lies?)

(For the purposes of this article I am calling 60 the beginning of senior citizenry.)

For the sake of simplicity I used the singular personal pronoun although several of these include my DH and would technically call for the plural pronoun.

1....I went snorkeling.
2....I bought a pickup truck.
3....I changed clothes riding in a car on I-75.
4....I lost over 100 pounds -- and gained back 30.
5....I helped decorate a school cafeteria for a middle school dance.
6....I took piano lessons.
7....I took language lessons. - Spanish
8....I cruised the Mediterranean.
9....I drove through town with a mannequin strapped into the passenger seat of my truck.
10...I climbed Stone Mountain.
11...I saw an active volcano.
12...I wore “heelies” (those cute shoes with built-in wheels).
13...I bought and furnished a house for the first time in my life

And, BTW, this is definitely NOT me!

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