Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Seven - 17th Edition

Sunday Seven

Seven special occasions that occurred this week for which I am thankful to have been able to recognize:

1....Our darling daughter’s birthday – what a dismal world it would have been (and would continue to be) without her!

2....My loving daddy’s birthday – he died in 1986, but he would have celebrated his 88th birthday this week.

3....Our niece’s wedding – technically last week (Saturday, the 19th) – a beautiful, happy, occasion!
4....Our nephews' graduations – technically last week (Thursday and Saturday, the 17th and the 19th) – We are so blessed to have nieces and nephews who are smart, talented, thoughtful and loving. (Far left the recent college graduate. In the cap and gown the high school honor graduate. In the yellow tie, the groom-to-be.)

5....Our nephew’s wedding shower – Interesting shower with the groom opening gifts and the best man recording them! (The bride-to-be was unable to make the long trip to be here. The groomsmen took their responsibilities seriously and were present in force.)

6....Our grandchildren’s end-of-school-the-school-year activities, church musicals, awards ceremonies, dances, sports banquets, etc., that we were able to attend.
7....Daily life in good health

The picture in the header was taken at Oak Hill, the Martha Berry historical site in Rome, GA.

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