Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sunday Seven 15th Edition - Mother's Day

Mother's Day
"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother." -- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
President Lincoln certainly spoke for me when he made this statement. Among daughters of the Earth, I am most blessed.
Seven Reasons I am Thankful for My Mother
1. She taught me to set goals -- but not in concrete. In other words, I have learned from both her teaching and her example that successful people plan ahead but are able to adapt and "go with the flow" when necessary.
2. She taught me to keep moving forward -- but take time to "smell the roses." While progress is desirable, there are many other important facets of life that cannot be measured. The ends do not always justify the means.
3. She taught me to accept compliments graciously -- but to acknowledge others who help me reach goals. I was taught to just smile and say thank you when complimented.
4. She taught me that living life should be somewhat like driving a car: I should concentrate my attention on the large windshield in front of me to see where I am going and to get there safely and expeditiously. But I should check the rear-view mirror regularly to see where I have been and to avoid past pitfalls. I should also look to the sides occasionally and be aware of what is around me at all times. This will help orient me and also allow me to enjoy the scenery as I get where I am going. I should constantly be conscious of other "drivers" and aware of their intentions and needs as I travel the highway.
5. She taught me that what I want is not the most important thing in life - that happiness is not the ultimate goal for living. She illustrates the need to listen for guidance from God in making life choices. She lives the importance of compiling the wisdom of those who have gone before to maximize joy and fulfillment in life. She has made me aware that God's laws are written in our very beings, our personalities and psyches. We cannot be who we could be when we insist on flaunting God's laws. His laws are made to give us full and happy lives -- not to squelch or restrict our lives.
6. She taught me that the mind is a terrible thing to waste -- One should think, analyze, make independent decisions, be intentional in mental exercise.
7. She taught me that time is a terrible thing to waste. Daydreaming is not wasting time. Writing and/or reading is not wasting time. Visiting with the sick or heartbroken is not wasting time. Enjoying the great outdoors is not wasting time. Sleeping is not wasting time. All of these activities are just as valuable as "work". They develop character, empathy, a grateful spirit, and the ability to think clearly.
Thank you, Mother! I love you and appreciate the privilege of being your daughter. I will continue to strive to live by the lessons you have taught me.

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