Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech

I have been so bowed with personal uncertainties and concerns for the last few weeks - mostly by problems of large proportion financially for my husband and me -- that I have focused inward and cocooned as I seem inclined to do. Today, the call of reality was loud and clear. It shouted through the TV coverage of the murders at Virginia Tech, "You are blessed! Today you know that your family members are most likely safe."

Hundreds, actually probably thousands, of families spent today in agony not knowing whether their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, sisters, cousins, friends had survived the mass killer's uncontained misery and rage at Virginia Tech. Some were soon relieved of that uncertainty when they got that reassuring call they were praying for. Many spent the day listening to cellphone messages and panicking because the phone was not being answered. At least several hundred have faced the unimaginable reality in the last 15 or so hours that their loved one died as the result of a stranger's rage. A few are still in the hell of not knowing for sure whether their loved one lives. Many parents are desperately trying to reach the area to be with their injured sons and daughters.

My sleeplessness tonight is focused outward in concern for these people whose lives have been jerked in an unwanted direction and whose future is forever changed. My late-night prayers tonight focus away from my own concerns. God bless and comfort the injured and the families of Virginia Tech students and staff. And God give guidance to those who are charged with responsibility to minister to their needs.

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