Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Flying High at Ridge Ferry Park

Doc and Boo jumping off the wall.

Doc, Boo, and I had great fun today picnicking, walking, and playing at Ridge Ferry Park today.
We walked the trail around to the back of State Mutual Stadium where the Rome Braves play ball. We saw where the old Ridge Ferry used to be. Boo saw a turtle sunning himself on a fallen tree limb in the river. We tried to take pictures of it, but they did not turn out very well. We also saw the back of the Chieftain's Museum.

A lot of people were out enjoying the park and the trail today. We met a man who was walking 6 dogs! Boo and I let the big friendly puppies jump on us, but Doc didn't want to get his clothes dirty, so he walked out of their reach.
posted by Joan, Boo, and Doc

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