Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 39 - 13-Letter Phrases

Thirteen 13-Letter Phrases I like:
Last Thursday I posted thirteen 13-letter words I like. This week I am posting thirteen 13-letter phrases that I love to hear.

1…. Country livin’ - Yep, country livin' is for me. I love the lack of traffic, the quiet, the fresh veggie-type food, etc. Hey, know where I can find some?

2....Country cookin’ - This may be the same as #1 -- Call the TT police, I'm robbing you blind!

3....Congratulations - We all like to hear this one, don't we? My dear Nat just called me to tell me that today she finished 100% of her Accelerated Reading goal for the year. I responded with this phrase/word and she rewarded me with a giggled and pleased "Thank you."

4....Happy birthday - This is another one of those that we like to hear. Even if we are not particularly happy about the passing of another year of life, we like to know that those around us note the day and wish us well.

5....dark chocolate - Oh my, my favorite for years. Bri saved me the few pieces of it that she got in her Easter basket because she knows how much I enjoy it. I am blessed with sweet grandchildren. cappuchino - I'm giving away secrets here -- I guess I am too interested in food.

7.... biscuit & gravy - More food -- related to the food theme I've got going here and also related to that country livin' and country cookin'.

8.... family reunion - Our clan gets together every summer for at least a weekend. We used to make it a week at the beach each year, but we have grown and migrated into so many parts of the world, we have settled for the last few years with a weekend in the same town. There is something renewing about being with those folks who have known you your entire life and love you anyway.

9.... Evanovich book - In recent years I have come to enjoy this author (Janet Evanovich)more than most. She creates suspense in her mysteries, but she also includes humor and presents the story in a light and entertaining manner.

10.... arrived safely - These are wonderful words to hear when those you love have been traveling.

11.... Dixie Stampede - As I posted last week, we went to Pigeon Forge, TN for a long weekend at Easter. This was the best of the shows we attended. If you go, don't miss it. Of course, the Comedy Barn is hilarious, and the Black Bear Jamboree is also good.

12.... protein muffin - I'll try to post this recipe soon. I found the basic protein bar recipe online after some serious surgery a few years ago when my doc told me to get at least 55 grams of protein a day but with very limited calories. I have reworked it so many times over the passing years that it bears almost no resemblance to the original, and, in my opinion is much better as well as more nutritious that the one I started with. I usually keep a batch of them, individually wrapped, in the freezer all the time and grab one or two when I am going to away from home for awhile. They are pretty filling and provide enough nutrition to sub for a meal.

13....That's all folks! Have a wonderful Thursday and thanks for coming by!

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Anonymous said...

You might like to check the letter count in Congratulations and edit your post.

CONGRATULATIONS is 15 letters long, not 13.