Monday, April 23, 2007

Random Flickr Image #3318

Four thousand, seven hundred, seventy-one images were posted on Flickr with the random number of #3318. I chose 4 to share this week.

First: "Tell me the truth now, Honey. Does this bright color make my rear end look big?"

IMG_3318 Uploaded on 6 January 2005
By SIXTRESee more photos, or visit his profile.
impala, chevy, chevrolet, ragtop ...

Second: "Hey Wilma, turn that crank on top again and let's see what else she does."

IMG_3318 Uploaded on 10 November 2006
By tfc_nbgSee more photos, or visit tfc_nbg's profile.

Third: "Well, I learned good posture by walking with a BOOK on my head, but I guess if a totem pole works for you....."

IMG_3318 Uploaded on 25 October 2006
By timchaoSee more photos, or visit timchao's profile.

and LAST: Test your powers of observation. Look at the next picture, then cover the picture, scroll down and answer the question.

IMG_3318 Uploaded on 28 August 2006
By eriksfcaSee more photos, or visit eriksfca's profile.
party, david, seth, los ...

Question: Can you name two OTHER things shown in the photo above?

Tom Hilton at If I Ran the Zoo issues the random number each week. Check out his blog if you'd like to participate.

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