Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Seven (6th Edition)

Sunday Seven is a weekly meme for giving thanks and/or for noting important events in our lives.

1. We used yellow daisies in our wedding almost 44 years ago. Of course, I thought of that when I saw this Sunday Seven Header. I am thankful for the security and joy of a long-lasting marriage. Monday will be my DH's birthday. He has had some health problems in the last 5 years, and I am very thankful we are still able be together.

2. We had a "Destination Unknown" day with our son's three children Friday. Their parents had to work, and the children were out of school. After I called the children and told them we were planning a destination unknown event, we had a lot of trouble getting an itinerary set up. Six Flags didn't open until Saturday; Lake Winnie (in Chattanooga) doesn't open until April; the Booth Cowboy museum (in Cartersville) was having a special event for the weekend but nothing for kids until Saturday; Stone Mountain and both the Aquariums (Atlanta and Chattanooga) were too far away, since Raye had a soccer game at 4:30. So we discarded plans A, B, C, D, E, and F, and settled on plan G. We had a marvelous time though. See numbers 3-5.

3. We visited the Martha Berry Museum and found it fascinating.

Since parts of the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" were filmed there, we enjoyed recognizing spots from the movie. The gardens were being renovated, but they were beautiful even in their current sparse condition. Our tour guide was very personable and made each part of her explanation meaningful to the children. The little play house where Martha Berry started her school by informally teaching Bible stories was especially interesting. We wished we had more time to walk the "Walkway of Life." Large engraved stones were placed at intervals along the wooded pathway. Each stone told something of importance about Ms Berry. The first one was "Prayer Changes Things", her lifelong motto. The second one read "Not to be ministered unto, but to minister." We were out of time for any further walking. After we left there, we had a Mexican lunch and then went bowling.

4. for our last scheduled activity of the day, we gave the three children a gift-shopping challenge. We went into Kmart, gave each child only $5, and told them to come to the cash registers within 15 minutes. During that fifteen minutes, without consulting with the gift recipient, Doc was to buy a gift for Aggie, Aggie was to buy a gift for Raye, and Raye was to buy a gift for Doc. They were to try to have some money left over which we would pool and buy something for their parents. As it turned out, they had $5 left between them at the end of the fifteen minutes, but we were out of time and didn't get to shop for their parents. They splint the "remnants" equally.

5. All three of these children (who often bicker and pick at each other like most siblings do) accepted their gifts with genuine appreciation, and each one seemed to enjoy buying something for the brother or sister. Raye even donated a $1 of her money at the cash register to the Children's Miracle Network. Doc bought Aggie a kit to make a doorhanger for her room; Raye bought Doc a tube of tennis balls; and Aggie bought Raye a poster making kit and a large pack of her favorite gum. I thought that they made some good choices.

6. My new dentist had a cancellation and was able to go ahead and put in my temporary crown Thursday. What a relief not to have to feel that ragged tooth until March 28 (the original appointment date for the work.) Now I can get the permanent crown put on March 27!

7. Our spring weather has been wonderful this week. At this time of year in the morning we can see the water glistening on the lake behind the houses across the street. It is so beautiful! In the summer the leaves are too dense to see the lake beyond. Being outdoors is invigorating, too. I enjoy the freedom and brightness of Spring!

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