Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Root Canal? Crown? Coming Right Up!

Uh Oh! I just broke a tooth! A little while ago, when I finished chewing and swallowing my Viactive calcium supplement, I discovered that a filling and some tooth are missing in the very back of the top left! I guess that is a wisdom tooth, isn't it? I must have swallowed the filling; and we haven't found a new dentist since we moved here. I went back to our old dentist a month or so ago for a checkup and everything seemed okay then. Of course, there is no dentist here in town who is on our insurance plan, so I played eeny meeny miney moe and picked a dentist and called for an appointment. I feel sure that this is going to call for a crown or a root canal or something more drastic than just a filling, since there is virtually no tooth left in that spot; so I might have to travel to a dentist who is on our plan. Or maybe since it is in the very back it can just be extracted without consequence.

And the fun just never stops rolling!

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