Saturday, February 24, 2007

Used Book Treasures

Those of you who know me and/or read this blog know that one of my loves is browsing used book stores. [Several of my siblings share my love of books and reading: Carol, of The Median Sib, is a reading specialist in the public schools and often writes about children's literature. Terrell, of Alone on a Limb, is a 4th Grade teacher and just wrote a post about out-of-print books. This is just one of many of his posts about books.] I have written here about some of the treasures I have found when shopping used book stores/yard sales/estate sales; but I have never found the kind of treasure I read about this morning.

A woman in Stockbridge, Georgia, a close suburb of Atlanta, took the child she was babysitting to the local Goodwill Store and bought the child a 25 cent book. When they got home and opened the book, she found it filled with old currency. Much of the currency was too tattered to be redeemed by the bank, but she walked out of the bank with $300 in fresh crisp green!

Well, today is my first day of leisure this week, and I may just spend it "junkin'"

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