Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sunday Seven - First Edition

The Sunday Seven meme has started. Go to The Median Sib for directions. There you will find a link to the Sunday Seven site. This meme will give us the opportunity to express gratitude each week and thereby encourage us to focus on the blessings and positive aspects of our lives.

Sunday Seven
I am truly thankful for....
1. LIFE - yes, REALLY! LIFE!! Several people of my acquaintance who are younger than I, with dependent children, have left this life very recently with little or no forewarning. I am indeed thankful for each day that I am given! I am also grateful that I have not had to endure the untimely death of any of my children or grandchildren or siblings.
2. I got to watch our oldest grandchild play basketball this week.
3. I got to spend time with my mother, taking her to and home from the hospital where she had outpatient surgery. I also got to spend the night with her the first night post-op.
4. Related to number 3, her initial report is great! The doctor saw no indications of cancer cells. Since the procedure, she has had none of the pain and cramping she was told to expect. What a blessing!
5. While our first house still has not sold (in spite of many prayers, the burying of St. Joseph in the yard, and many sleepless nights), and although we fully expect to have to take a loss on it when it does sell, it is PAID OFF -- so we only have one house payment each month now!
6. I have a functional computer.
7. The young man hurt in an automobile accident near our house last night is reportedly in "stable" condition. My sister came upon the accident right after it happened and she believed that one of the boys' injuries might be life-threatening since he was bleeding from the mouth. She had the privilege of praying with the boys in the car and staying with them until emergency services arrived.

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