Monday, February 19, 2007

Congress's Anti-Troop-Surge Vote

Yesterday's Atlanta Journal Constitution had an article in the @Issue section that I found interesting.

Representative Jim Marshall (D-Ga) was one of two Democrats who voted against the measure when the House passed the resolution disapproving the surge of troops last week. Before the vote, he spoke to the assembly there saying in part: (boldings are mine - for emphasis.)

We're debating a nonbinding resolution to disapprove of the Iraqi/Armerican military surge in Baghdad.... we do so hoping our debate and vote will not discourage those called upon to execute the surge...but we also do so knowing that it might. That's enough for me to oppose the resolution........This anti-surge resolution is akin to sitting in the stands and booing in the middle of our own team's play because we don't like the coach's call. I cannot join midplay nay-saying that might discourage even one of those engaged in this current military effort in Baghdad.

Then he spoke directly to the troops:

Don't be discouraged by this debate and vote. It is birthed and sustained by the very democracy that you are defending. ..... You should simply do your duty and be proud of the fact that you've done it. Do it to the best of your ability. Let others -- the president and the Congress -- debate what that duty actually is. Don't let this discourage you. Just do your duty as best you can.

And so ladies and gentlemen, this concludes my bi-annual blogging forray into the political arena.

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