Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 Trends, Part I: Rachael Ray vs Martha Stewart and My Hopeless Home

Is this one of Murphy's Laws or something? As soon as I get it(no matter what "it" is this time),the style gurus announce to the world that whatever I have finally manage to acquire is now OUT of style!

Every January I enjoy reading what all the self-proclaimed experts have to say about changes they believe will occur in the coming year. In today's Atlanta Journal Constitution, there were two such articles.

One article on home trends was particularly distressing. I discovered that my cool new stainless steel refrigerator is now laughably out of style -- and thank goodness I never bought that pedigreed dog I wanted so much. It seems registered Golden Labs are OUT and "spare-parts dogs" (mutts) are IN.

On the other hand, I'm happy to learn that "making the bedroom comfortable for sleeping" is IN. HUH? Silly me, I thought that had always been the purpose of a bedroom. And I have never missed having a "luggage room", but since they are now IN, I'll have one please. And we did the right thing when we got that big dining table since "going out nowadays is about staying in."

These writers further proclaim that "Rachael Ray is to 2007 what Martha Stewart was in 1997." What good news for this cook! I formed a strong attachment to RaeRae, as we friends call her, as soon as I learned that she often burns bread. Go RaeRae!! Blackened Bread has long been my culinary specialty -- just ask anyone who knows me well.

I believe I'll save the other AJC article for tomorrow's post. It is about Nutrition trends for 2007. I guess I'll find that I've been eating all the wrong things. Have they discovered that broccoli and green beans should be replaced with high-trans-fat doughnuts and pre-packaged pastries? O, I forgot, that wasn't in the article -- that was in my dreams!

Blogger still won't let me add pictures today. Boo! Hiss! I had some good ones too.

Stay tuned for Part II of the Saga of Trends. Hasta manana, BayBee.

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