Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen. 13 Christmas Pictures

Thirteen Pictures from Christmases Past

1. Christmas 1955 - My parents (Ruth of Ruthlace) with their first 6 children. That's me standing on the right. The Median Sib Carol has the "praying" hands; Blue Star Chronicles Beth is the baby; Alone on a Limb Terrell is "alone in a picture" as the only boy here. Interestingly, the two non-blogging sisters shown here are both professional writers.

2. My paternal grandmother loved to decorate for Christmas and open presents.

3. Baby brother and his wife Christmas 1977

4. E. admiring the Nativity Set we have used every Christmas since my DH bought it in Israel in 1986.

5. A fuller view of the Nativity Scene.

6. The downstairs tree decorated with our traditional, sentimental ornaments.

7. In the foyer

8. The Upstairs Christmas tree.

9. B, E, and N decorating gingerbread men at Breakfast with Santa.

10. B,E, and N visiting the Live Nativity.

11. B,R,E,N,D,A on Christmas Day 2003

12. Santa Cousins

13. My two offspring

BONUS: The Littlest Shepherd is tired.

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