Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thanks, Benjamin Franklin!

I understand that ol' Ben was the initiator of the idea of starting a public lending library. I'm sure he had no idea of how libraries would come to be used in 2006, but I am certainly thankful for it today.

I am a life-long user and supporter of Public Libraries - checking out books, tapes and CDs; doing research for education classes; taking children to the story times; enjoying the quiet atmosphere for a little escape and reading; and (just occasionally) using it as a false and acceptable excuse for shopping too long.

For the last couple of months, however, I have learned a new appreciation for the library. I will admit it. I am an addict. My "fix" has been missing or largely non-functional now for most of the last several months. Thank you, Public Library, for being my supplier! I have checked email and I have read 8 or 10 of my favorit blogs. In a few minutes I will leave this place and all will be right with the world, because I finally found a dealer who actually provided me with my drug-of-choce FREE OF CHARGE! Love those public computers!

Today, in addition to expressing my thanks to Benjamin Franklin, a big heart-felt "thank you" is also extended to my few steadfast readers who continue to check Daddy's Roses in spite of my infrequent postings of the last 6 months!

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